King Got Talent Winners/Performances

We would like to thank the following people for their great support and help in making the event a tremendous success: Mr. Palayan for being such an awesome emcee; Our fantastic judges Mr. Hernandez, Ms. Guthrie and Mr. Yontrarak; Leadership class for working so hard; Craig Uwaine for all the technical/behind the scenes work; and of course, the teachers, staff and students who attended the event!
-Leadership/Mr. O

The Top 10:
1. Tru Fight (Lukas Ambrose, Tristan Katz, Aidan Finn) [299 points]
2. Mariska Paloma & Lorenzo Bacani (288 points)
3. Charlotte Silverman & Madeleine Mckee (287 points)
4. Victoria Pimentel & Sky Padilla (286 points)
5. Henry Scott Solomon (284 points)
6. Sarah Mijango, Cristel Millera, Christine Ronquillo & Mariska Paloma (283 points)
7. Gina Fontanesi & Marcus Campos Castanzo (279 points)
8. Lulu Panzarella, Karrington Kurlander & Sophi Panzarella (274 points)
9. Keelin Murray & Carson Cox (272 points)
10. Daniele Serkovaite & Anna Finkel (268 points)

Kudos to the rest of the King Fabulous Talents:
Dan De Las Alas, Timur Bootzin, Matilda Kennamer, Victoria Valdivia, Paris Levy, Ella McMillan, Catherine Manukyan, Charmaine Ea, Hyacinth Vergara, Samantha Healy, Rain Spencer, Lucas Lovejoy, Dennis Meza, Austin Bourbeau, Linda Sanchez, Amybelle Ordona, Sofia Rizkkhalil, Finn Horgan, Debbie Dicdican, Kelsy Esparza, Artemisia Unzier Duggan, and Christopher Lopez.