Screen time—time spent in front of a TV, computer or gaming system—is important to many middle schoolers. But when this time gets out of hand, grades and social activities suffer.
Take this quiz to see if you are helping your child keep screen time under control. Answer yes to something you do often. Answer no to something you do only rarely.
  1. I monitor my child’s use of electronics and keep them out of his room.
  2. I set limits on the amount of time my child may spend in front of a screen each day.
  3. I am familiar with rating systems for media (including TV shows, movies and video games) and only allow those with appropriate content.
  4. I supervise my child when he is online. I have warned him that while the Internet has many benefits, predators may lurk there, too.
  5. I talk with my child about the negative messages he may get from media—such as pressure to have sexual relations, drink or try drugs.
How well are you doing?

Mostly yes answers means you are helping your child manage screen time. Mostly no? Check the quiz for some suggestions.
Source: (c) 2007 The Parent Institute, a division of NIS, Inc.