Does your child have a problem at school?  Are you unable to solve it alone?  Teacher and the principal are excellent resources.  But don’t forget the guidance counselor, too.  Middle school guidance counselors are qualified to deal with students’ tough issues because:
  • They are trained to handle all sorts of adolescent concerns.  They know all about the changes kids go through—physical and mental.  They help kids deal with these challenges.
  • They create a caring environment for students.  They nurture kids and encourage them to do well.
  • They talk with parents often.  Guidance counselors host family information nights and other programs.  They want to help you support your child.
  • They work with teachers every day. If your child has a problem with a teacher, the guidance counselor can help sort things out.
  • They counsel individuals and groups.  Does your child have an issue with another youngster?  The guidance counselor can talk with both of them.
  • They help parents take the next step.  A guidance counselor can provide a list of referrals or community resources. Source: "Why Middle School Counselors", American School Counselor Association from Helping Students Learn (c) 2007, The Parent Institute