Hark The Angels Don’t Sing
By Victoria Fong
In the book most known to mankind, it says “Hark the angels sing.”
What does that mean anyway?
It means listen, the angels sing.
But I don’t hear them.
Maybe you do, but I sure don’t.
Why should I listen to them if they didn’t listen to me in my time of plead?
Have they ever heard of a thing called a guardian angel?
Well, I don’t think I have one.
If I did, they would see me everyday at school with a fake smile on my face, acting like
everything was fine when it sure wasn’t.
Acting like everything was terrific, when inside my world is crashing down.
They would see me get home, wipe that fake smile off my face like it was smudged lipstick.
They would see my mom go out to walk the dog, while I locked myself in my room and cry for hours for reasons I keep to myself.
They would see me turn the stereo on, and listen to the songs that seem to be written about my life.
And they would have stopped me from writing that stupid text message which I still regret sending even if it was a long time ago.
You see, I don’t have a guardian angel.
Or mine is just too lazy to do anything.
I’m not sure anyone does.
Looking at the world, it doesn’t seem like many people do.
If we had guardian angels, then they’re wouldn’t be this image of perfection put up by the media that tells us we should kill ourselves because we don’t have their kind of beauty.
We wouldn’t have people killing each other in wars because the people in charge are just too stupid to just negotiate.
We wouldn’t have planes being flown into buildings, or 3-year-olds dying in car crashes because some guy had too many beers.
And we wouldn’t have this endless chain of molesters molesting because they have been molested.
We wouldn’t have kids hurting themselves to release their pain because their stupid families aren’t there for them.
We wouldn’t have people getting shot because they’re wearing a certain colors.
If you just look at the world and all its miserable glory, it doesn’t seem like angels exist.
If they are looking over us, why aren’t they doing anything?
They might as well shouldn’t be looking at all.
I think only the lucky people have guardian angels.
So let’s give a hip-hip-hooray for all of us who don’t.
I believe in angels, it’s just they don’t believe in me.
Hark the angels don’t sing.

You People
By Victoria Fong

You, all you people disgust me.
You’re all selfish, shallow, unworthy, and are disgraces to the human race.
None of you have honor, dignity, or self-virtue.
You’re all so obsessed with yourselves.
So absorbed in your own worlds.
One of you, you’ll get your friends to jump me, but you won’t do it yourself, because I had dared to glance at the guy you like, even though tomorrow, your feelings will change.
And you, you’ll ignore and avoid me because I expressed my feelings.
Another one of you, you’ll go from guy to guy, from one week to the next, always unsatisfied with the first and the last, complaining how they broke your heart when you didn’t even give them a chance for them to share they’re favorite movie.
And you, you think you’re a man, but you’re just a silly little boy who thinks he’s a hot shot because you have two girls that like you.
Another one of you will call me a nerd because I get better grades than you do and I actually know the difference between a triangle and a square, unlike you.
Oh, and the ones that make me hate you the most, are the ones like you, the ones who want a girl who’s cleavage is about to make her tip over, and how well her butt resembles J.Lo’s.
You people make me want to throw up.
Some of you girls are so obsessed with having your hair perfect that if one strand is out of place, the world is going to end.
And some of you girls want to put so much makeup on, you end up looking like Boy George, not a boy magnet.
And since most of you don’t know who Boy George is, LOOK HIM UP!
Some of you guys have your pants, you shouldn’t be wearing them at all.
And some of you guys have more fake jewelry on than there is in the entire Claire’s store.
And since most of you guys don’t know what Claire’s is, ask the girl sitting next to you.
All you people are shallow, ignorant, conceited, two-faced, full of yourselves, unsatisfied, spoiled, hateful, ungrateful, shameful, little BRATS!
Go ahead, call me names, I couldn’t care less for your kind.
Get the hell out of my sight before I faint from the lack of common sense in this room.
Get the hell out of here before I make your lives miserable, just like you’ve been making mine.

Bella Echeverria

My Life is my own. I'll do what I want with it. I can screw it up and throw it away or I can fix it and live good. I don't have many plans for the future. I just live and take life day by day. I do what I want, but I do think things through. I make all my decisions, no one else. You may think I made the wrong decision, but we don't all think alike. Drugs can be bad, if you don't know why you are doing them. They mess you up and crap. I've learned not to give up so easily. Don't give into the temptation. You are stronger than it. Once you start, it is really hard to stop. So if you don't want to live a life when you are too high to do anything, don't do drugs, but if you do then go ahead. There is no right or wrong decision. They are not the solution to any problem. Don't do things for the wrong reasons. Just be yourself, don't be someone you're not just to impress someone. Act the way you want. Do what you want, just be ready to be responsible for what you have done. Don't blame it on someone else, because there is no one else to blame but yourself. Respect the working class. This means to be nice and respect everyone who has a poor job and is struggling in life. They are working their asses off to make a little money while the rich waste their money on useless things. They have it hard enough; they don't need you bull crap. People are starving in this world. Many struggle to survive. The rich are getting more and the poor are getting less. Don't piss your parents off on purpose. They are getting old and have their own problems to worry about. When they are gone forever, you know you will miss them, so appreciate them and everything else. I am never going to change. I like who I am. I'm not and won't be what you want me to be. The world doesn't revolve around me or anyone else for that matter. The rich are pieces of crap who think they can sell innocent people to jail or get out of going to jail themselves just because they have the money to, but they can't. I'm not saying that everyone who is rich is a piece of crap, because there are some rich people who actually have a brain and they use it for good and give money to the poor and help people out. The most valuable things are learned from the most unexpected people. This is the way I try to live my life. I am not perfect. You may not agree with my beliefs, but we all think differently. Just live your life you want, stay true to yourself and be yourself.

Bella Echeverria
Look at us, we are all robots. With no brains whatsoever. Always doing what we are told. We just follow and don’t lead. Look at us, we’re pathetic. No one thinks for themselves anymore. Copy and paste is all we can do. Copy what we see and paste it onto us. Will we fall like the Roman Empire or will we rise above everything else? War is destroying us. October 15, Bush signed the Military Commission Act into law, which basically does everything the Constitution was made to prevent. We are all the same, there’s nothing we haven’t seen before, we’ve seen it all. Everyone looks the same, thinks the same. We pick one label and stick to it. We limit ourselves to one thing. Why can’t we be everything or anything? What happened to our individualism? Where is it? I’ll tell you one thing, I chose not to label myself and limit myself. I am my own self and no one else. 

By Jamie Mayorga

Life. WOW! So many synonyms to it!
It’s as short as a blink of an eye; you’re in middle school. Then BAM!
Senior year baby! Best years of your life!
It’s hard.
Problems here, problems there, problems everywhere!
I just got rid of this problem, great here comes four more!
But hey, without problems, what’s life? 
And what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right?
It’s confusing! Especially with me, I happen to be one of the slow ones.
But it’s good; it’s spirit lifting.
It’s like a maze.
Your decisions take you to places you can’t imagine.
You study- pass the test- no problem.
Don’t study- fail test- lower grades- out of honors.
Whoa what a big difference, huh?
Some succeed and some give up.
You got to know how to make wise choices.
And that is hard!
It’s cognitive: a mental discomfort.
“Hhmmm movies or homework?”
Fun or responsibilities?
It’s called knowing how to balance life.
Don’t be such a schoolgirl, but don’t slack off.
Step by step you’ll achieve things, just put effort and it will pay off.
If you want to b successful in life, it also means to enjoy it!
Laugh a lot!
You don’t know maybe you’ll die tomorrow, or maybe not in several years!
But enjoy it.


By Jamie Mayorga

Being a 13 year old is not as easy as it looks.
The first year as a “teen”.
More responsibilities.
More homework.
Harder homework.
People expect more out of you.
“Oh Jamie do this, do that, you’re old enough to do it alone, help him, help her, take care of this, it’s your problem deal with it!”
“Life’s like that, theirs ups and downs so stop complaining!”
13 is the year you start paying as an adult, such as the movies, theme parks, shows, etc.
It’s not fair!
You have to pay more, ‘but hey look at the brightside you can watch
PG13 movies alone.’
Oh wow big deal, when am I gonna ever even watch a movie alone.
I can’t even walk 4 blocks away to the park alone.
I can’t even get a kids menu in restaurants!
‘No, because you are 13.’
Now I have to eat big fancy orders with like 5 different dishes.
And then when I get full and don’t finish it, why because deep inside I’m still 12.
13 is also the year where people start telling you, “Gosh you’re so immature grow up!”
Or sometimes you have to be a great influence to little kids.
What if you don’t know how to be one yet?!?
But the worst part of being 13, is puberty!
Just by hearing that word I can feel leeches in my stomach!
But that’s life, for us humans.
Every time I loose my voice, my friends assume I’m going through puberty.
I can’t even be in a bad mood!
“Oh she’s in her mood swings, you know what that means...”
And if I misbehave or I make a mistake...
“Don’t worry, it’s just the period of time she’s living, every teen goes through that, she’ll grow up though.”
Phew! I’m glad all of that is almost gone, a whole year of changes, but I seem to have gotten used to it.
Now say hello to the 1-4.