Parents are invited to our next series of workshops on “Raising Children in Troubled Times”.   Workshops will be held every Wednesday beginning on December 6, 2006. Mrs. Hirotsu, Principal, will be our first presenter.  The various topics will include: 

➢    Homework
➢    Studying
➢    School Behavior
➢    Peers
➢    Bedtimes
➢    Curfews and Whereabouts
➢    Temper Tantrums
➢    Chores

We encourage our parents to participate in their child’s education by attending parent workshops and any other activities throughout the school year.  Our parent participation program includes a “Passport to Success.”  Every time you participate in a school activity your passport will be stamped.  Once six stamps are collected, you are eligible to win a grand prize  in mid-January prize drawing.