Use An "Every Minute Counts" Policy

Attendance at school is more than showing up.  It’s being there on time and being productive throughout the entire day.

Being late to school will cause real problems for your child.  She may face some disciplinary action if she racks up too many “tardies.”  Her teachers will probably be unhappy, because being  late shows a lack of respect.  Late students also disrupt the flow of the class, even if they come in quietly.

Your child will also miss valuable instruction or work time is she is late.  The first few minutes of class are important and can set the tone for being successful or unsuccessful that day. Encourage your child to get to class on time.  This will keep her out of trouble.  It will also give her time to: 
  • Prepare for class by getting out the necessary materials.
  • Review yesterday’s work.
  • Take a first glance at the material the teacher will be going over.
  • Think about questions she needs to ask in order to understand the material

Source: Julia G. Thompson, Discipline: Survival Kit for the Secondary Teacher, ISBN:087628-434-9