King Students Run Los Angeles Team Does It Again!

As another school year comes to a close, we remember many of the highlights of the year. On March 18, 2012 King’s Student Run Los Angeles Team ran along with 18,794 runners in the Los Angeles Marathon.  We look back fondly on another spectacular SRLA running season at King.

A Marathon isn’t built in a day:
In order to be prepared for a Marathon, King runners must put in the hours and miles of running.  The team started off with small increments, running around King, continuing up to Marshall H.S., then it’s was on to Silverlake Reservoir, and finally where the majority of the time is spent, in Griffith Park, deep within its trails and hills. 

It’s always a challenge for any runner to complete a marathon, and new runners are a brave bunch. Many of them have never ran farther than circling around King! Not all students that join SRLA make the journey to the LA Marathon, but several students gave it their best try, and we congratulate all of the participants that joined us along the way. The following students participated in the program throughout the season; Stacey Mendez, Sammy Thomas, Diego Rodriguez, Franz Balagtas, Steve Galan, Miguel Mendez, Rodrigo Rodriguez, Steve Sic, Frida Sic, Jeffrey Tumbokon, and Jeremy Villorante. 

King SRLA was ready for what every may come:
On L.A. Marathon Day, with much anticipation, omnipresent, dark clouds overhead, King runners made that long trek up to Dodger Stadium. The King team arrived early, before the dawn, to commence their long sojourn through Los Angeles, winding through its streets, and passing its landmarks, finally finishing at Santa Monica Pier. To get to this place in history, it took the team a tremendous amount of hard work, tenacity and determination. Under the guidance, commitment and care of Ms. Bishop, Ms. La Riva, and Mr. Gutierrez SRLA King team worked through seven months of a very long, arduous running season.

Marathon Finishers are a special breed:
We’d like to congratulate 8th grade marathon finishers Sammy Thomas and Stacey Mendez. Both students participated in SRLA two years in a row. They were great role models to all participants, and a positive reminder that it can be done!  Sammy and Stacey were excellent leaders and encouraged new comers.  Diego Rodriguez, 7th grader, finished along side Sammy for his first marathon, and the team was very proud of him.  Sammy, Stacey and Diego are talented runners and amazing teammates. 

As we close this SRLA running season at King, we place another feather in our running cap. We say farewell to our 8th grade runners, and thank them for all the good times.  We are grateful to all the runners, leaders, family and friends who made this year another winning season!  We will not forget this spectacular achievement, the friendships we’ve made, and the time we spent together as a Team! 

See you down the road….