Anthony has his evening planned.  He’ll do his math homework before dinner, then follow up dessert with English and science.  Afterward, he can unwind from a busy day.

Sound impossible? It’s not.  Help your child make homework go like clockwork with these strategies.

Think it through

Before he begins, have your youngster make a to-do list.  Example:  write a poem, read a history chapters, solve 10 math problems.

Then, suggest that he number the tasks, from toughest to easiest, and start with the hard stuff.  This “saves the easiest for last” strategy will help him finish on a high note, perhaps inspiring him to get in some extra studying.

Think about time

Ask you child to consider different time slots he can use to get work done.  For instance, maybe he could set aside a weekend morning or Sunday night.

Also, many middle graders have time during study period or after lunch to tackle homework.  Encourage your child to complete one assignment at school each day.  The more he does then, the more time he’ll have for fun later.

Think positive

Help you middle grader see homework as a chance to prove his independence by getting his work done on time and by himself.  Boost his confidence by telling him, “Homework gives you a chance to show all that you know.”  And give him a thumbs-up when he does just that.

http://www.parent-institute.com Source: Reprinted with permission from The Parent Institute, a division of NIS, Inc. (c) 2006