The Grass is Greener, When It's Artificial

What’s new at Thomas Starr King Middle School?  The artificial turf.

The project began in May 2006 and was completed in August, giving King’s P.E. field a new lease on life. Students witnessed firsthand the many steps of installing the artificial turf:  removing the left over grass, leveling the ground, putting in a layer of rock, pouring a layer of tiny chunks of rubber tires and finally installation.  

Ms. Hirotsu, principal at King, pushed for artificial turf for several reasons. “It was not the best situation. There was dirt everywhere and the wind would cause the dirt to blow around during P.E.”, said Hirotsu.

Ms. Hirotsu hopes the artificial turf will last.  Although it cost close to 1 million dollars, Ms. Hirotsu thinks the money was well spent. King students feel the same.“

The artificial turf is better. I really like it, because it makes the field look prettier,” said Juita Martinez, 8th grade. “The grass is fun to get tackled on. You don’t get hurt, like before, said Adonis Vasquez, 8th grade. Some students seem to approve of the artificial turf, but not all.  

“It’s disgusting and dangerous, and all the rubber tire pieces get thrown around and into your shoes, said Alex Napoli, 8th grade.

Whether you like it or not, we can all agree: the grass is greener and Thomas Starr King.
Source: By: Samantha Skulratana