The World of Animation

Mr. Kirk Palayan is one of the many popular teachers here at King. I had a chance to sit down with him and get an interview about his class. It was a great experience. I learned a lot about him. Getting to know about his experience at King was cool.
Mr. Palayan has been at King since 1990. He did not start teaching Animation class until 2000. I was amazed at how many occupations he has gone through at King. Starting with a post at security guard then working his way up to a special education teacher, English teacher, and then an animation teacher.
When asked what inspired him to teach animation he quoted,” I was teaching English when I had told my students to make a movie on a particular project. Also visiting the Animation Convention of ’98 in Pasadena. I asked for the district’s permission and got approved to teach animation”.
He claims that animation reminds us of cartoons and fun, which takes us away from all the troubles of life. Mr.Palayan also added that we are down the street from Hollywood, this class will inspire someone or the other to have a career in the movies.
Mr.Palayan said that he was the one to start animation at King but doesn’t want to retire here. He would like to make an animation movie for Hollywood on an undisclosed topic. I think he said that it was on a Greek tragedy.
”I am just a teacher; the students are the ones that come up with the great ideas. They have all the weird things that when transformed into a cartoon make you laugh. It is the art of the human mind. Who knew that our imaginations could be so broad?”, said Palayan. 
Getting to Know Mr.Palayan was a great thing. Almost all students like animation. It’s very cool! I believe that animation class is pushing Mr.Palayan to his goal of making an animation movie. One day we will get to see an Academy Award winner made by our very own Mr.Palayan!
Source: By Imam, Asad - Journalism Student