Take this quiz to see if you are communicating your family values on the importance of school and education to your child. Write yes if you do something all or most of the time.  Write no if you do it rarely or never.
  1. I let my child know I am excited and happy for her as she begins a new school year.
  2. I tell my child I believe school is her job and it should have a very high priority.
  3. I make clear to my child that I expect her to follow school rules.
  4. I attend events the school holds for parents, even if my child tells me ”no one else’s parents are going.”
  5. I ask my child specific questions about what she is learning what parts of school she feels are going well, and what, if anything, I can do to help her.
How well are you doing?

Mostly yes answers mean your child realizes you value school and expect her to do the same.  Mostly no?  Check the quiz for some suggestions on communicating the importance of school.

Source: The Parent Institute, a division of NIS, Inc.(c)2006