Do you consider yourself a partner with your child’s school? If so, you’ve taken an important step in helping her succeed. Research shows that children benefit when parents actively support their education.

To nurture the crucial school-home partnership:
  • Talk to your child about the things she’s learning in school. Pay attention when she tells you things. Take an interest in every part of her day (both inside the classroom and out).
  • Maintain a learning-friendly home. Monitor how much time your child spends watching television and using the computer. Make sure homework comes first.
  • Read all notices sent home from school. Have a special folder where your child can put them. Be sure to sign and return forms on time.
  • Check out the school’s website. Many sites post homework assignments, school policies and other information.
  • Encourage reading. Show your child that literacy isn’t something that’s “just for school.”
  • Keep in touch with your child’s teachers. Even if you cannot volunteer at the school, you can still stay active in your child’s education. Source: Susan J. Paik, "Ten Strategies That Improve Learning," Educational HORIZONS, Reprinted with permission from the Parent Institute (c) 2005