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Lots of students struggle in middle school, and not because they aren’t smart. They’re disorganized. This is a problem, since many middle schoolers have to juggle multiple classes and assignments for the first time.

Try using a 3-ring binder to help your child stay organized at school.

Here’s how:
  • Use pocket-dividers for the 3-ring binder. Have your child label each divider with the name of a subject. Have him use the pockets for storing handouts without binder holes.
  • Help him create an assignment sheet. Have him divide it into four columns.  Have him label the columns “Date Assigned,” “Date Due,” “Directions” and “Completed.” Have him place this sheet in the front of his 3-ring binder. Remind him to check this sheet everyday before leaving school to make sure he is bringing home the correct textbooks and supplies.
  • Have him place all completed work in the appropriate section of his binder. Then have him check off that he has completed the work on his assignment sheet.
  • Have him organize his binder each night before going to bed. It should contain everything he’ll need of r the next school day.
  • To monitor you child’s homework, you can ask him to show you his binder.

Source: "Parents Still Make The Difference" (c) 2005, the Parent Institute, a division of NIS, Inc.