Wondering how to help your child succeed during the middle school years?  Being involved in her education is as important now as it was when she was in kindergarten.  Here are several ways you can support your youngster’s learning and make a big difference in her school success.
Ask questions.  If you want to know what’s going on at school, take the time to ask your child.  If she says, “Nothing,” follow up with a specific question.  Example:  “What chapter are you discussing in science class?”  Talking about school helps your middle grader see how important it is.  Plus, the two of you get a chance to chat.

Expect success.  Tell your child what you expect from her at school--such as hard work, perfect attendance, and consistent study.  Challenge her to set goals in her classes.  Or suggest that she tackle a difficult topic on her term paper.  The important thing is for her to learn, so don’t overemphasize grades.  Students achieve more when their efforts are encouraged.

Work together.  If something goes wrong at school, take a deep breath before you contact the teacher.  Keep in mind that the teacher wants your child to learn as much as you do.  Together, find solutions to the problem.  Working calmly through problems will put your middle grader back on the path to learning.

http:// Source: Reprinted with permission from Resources for Educators, a Division of Aspen Publishers, Inc. (c) 2005