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The new school year means a fresh start for everyone.  It means a chance for all of us to get focused once again on the important job of getting an education.  All of us know that good attendance is crucial to success in school.  If you are not here you are cheating yourself of the opportunity to learn and the chance to excel.  Attendance is critical in achieving a minimum of 55 out of 60 credits each year.   Don’t miss out!

School rules and good discipline are also key pieces in getting your education.  If students don’t follow the rules, teachers won’t be able to teach, and everyone loses the chance to learn.  Students are expected to be in their seats and ready for class before the tardy bell rings. Remember the use of cell phones and Ipods are not allowed during class time.  Make sure you place these items in a safe place during school hours.  LAUSD and King Middle School do not assume responsibility for damage to or theft of any electronic device brought to school.

Since Thomas Starr King Middle School is a uniform school, all students are expected to wear white tops and navy blue pants or skirts. If students dress inappropriately, they will be asked to change immediately and instructed to follow the dress policy in the future.  All of us are looking forward to making 2006-2007 the best year ever for King Middle School students.  So be a part of it all!

Source: Mr. Greenberger, Asst. Principal