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Sometimes children get into a slump at school.  This is when they need the support of their parents most.

Let your child know you believe she can turn things around.  She can start now to improve her situation for next year.  You may need to involve her teachers or the school counselor.  Sometimes just a bit of intervention is needed.

Some ideas that may give your child a "jump-start" include:
  • Attending intersession to make up a class that is too overwhelming for her right now. 
  • Reconsidering her course schedule to allow her to take classes that match her interests.
  • Studying with a peer helper or a high school student.  Your school might suggest someone who would be a good match for your child.  Middle schoolers accept help better from someone closer to their age.
  • Working out an incentive program.  Example:  Your child agrees to study an extra 30 minutes each day, and she sticks to it.  Then she earns privileges.  Continue this over the summer.  To earn privileges, your child could read a book each week, or spend 15 minutes a day practicing math problems.
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