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Schools teach discipline, but the most important lessons your child will learn about discipline are the ones he will learn at home.  Remember:  Discipline isn't about punishment or control.  It's about teaching-teaching your child to live and work with others and to accept responsibility for doing the right thing.  Your child's success in school and in life will depend on his ability to be disciplined and responsible.

Discipline works best when it is based on love and respect.  Tell your child you love him.  Show him you love him-be involved in his life.  Establish meaningful rules and explain the reasons for them.  Praise him often for doing the right thing.  When he breaks a rule, criticize his behavior, not him.

The Three "Be's" of Effective Discipline

Here are the three things the experts say are the keys to effective discipline:
  1. Be firm.  Remember that you are the adult and you are in charge.
  2. Be fair.  Your child will accept almost any rule if he knows it is fair and that you are applying it fairly.
  3. Be consistent.  Your child will test you to find the limits, so set the limits and then maintain them. Source: (c) 2005 The Parent Institute, a division of NIS, Inc