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Dismissal Time for Mondays now at 2:02 pm

Beginning on Monday, January 24th through the week of Monday, March 7th, the schedule of classes on Mondays will change to four classes (odd or even) versus the current eight classes, and dismissal on Monday’s will be at 2:02 pm. Dismissal time for Tuesdays to Fridays will remain at 3:15 pm. Click here for schedule.



The Shared Decision-Making Council approved this temporary adjustment to the existing schedule to assist in addressing severe staffing shortages and surging COVID-19 cases we are currently experiencing.  By modifying the schedule, it will assist our staff in being able to:


  • Find sufficient staffing to cover four classes on Mondays versus having to cover eight classes.
  • Avoid having to impose upon all, on-site, certificated staff to cover multiple classes period-by-period on a daily basis which causes undue strain on the overall instructional and support programs at our school.
  • Limit the potential exposure to positive COVID-19 cases by limiting the number of interactions between students and staff to four instructional periods versus eight on the current Monday schedule.  This will help immensely when determining who may have been exposed and identifying the number of potential “close contacts” that occur.
  • More effectively manage and address any potential confirmed cases that may occur on Mondays.  Our previous experience has been that when there are confirmed cases on Mondays, it takes several times the amount of contact tracing and investigating of potential close contacts than cases that occur Tuesdays through Thursdays.


Shared Decision-Making Council has authorized this temporary schedule change through March 11th. At the March SDM Meeting, SDM will then determine whether prevailing circumstances would require the newly-implemented Monday schedule change to be extended.