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Verizon Innovative Learning: December Newsletter Highlight of the Month

Highlight of the Month: 

For our highlight of the month, we want to amplify an outstanding student project from Thomas Starr King Middle School in Los Angeles, California.

Ms. Aileen Rabina has been hard at work with her students in the Digital Product Innovation (DPI) curriculum track, one of the four curriculum tracks offered in the Verizon Innovative Learning Lab Program.

As students have gone through the DPI curriculum track, they have been producing amazing works of art with the Gravit software. Through the student artifact that Ms. Rabina shared, she explained how students have come into their own using the Gravit software and how they have newly gained confidence in creating the exciting projects in the curriculum.

“As their teacher, I have noticed the students' evolution from being very hesitant with Gravit to being very open to trying new tools and seeing their excitement at creating original, unique art!”. -Aileen Rabina

Thank you, Ms. Rabina, for sharing how the integration of new technology or software such as Gravit, can help students gain skills in graphic design to create unique works of art.

You can find the amazing artwork that students created with Gravit here.