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High School Applications Due November 17th

High School Applications Due November 17th


8th Grade Families

The application period for High Schools opens October 2nd and ends November 17th. We’ve curated a page of some popular high school options, complete with their contact info and online tour or informational sessions. We know the search for the right high school can be quite overwhelming, but hopefully this compilation can provide some clarity and assurance. 


To learn more about some of your high school options, click here to visit our High School Choices Board. Make sure to access our 14-minute presentation on the Application Process (found on the bottom right corner of the choice board) to strategize how to best complete your application. We hope you enjoy your search for the right high school!


6th & 7th Grade Families

You are encouraged to check out the High School Choices Board and start looking into your options. Just remember, 6th and 7th graders need NOT complete an application if they want to stay in their current magnet. If you do apply to another magnet program for next year and get offered the space, you give up the space in the current magnet. When the time comes to apply to high school, you will get 12 magnet matriculation points as long as you are with us as an 8th grader. (These matriculation points offset the waitlist points others may try to accrue each year as they are trying to get into a magnet.) You are already in a magnet, and you get 12 matriculation points to increase your chances of continuing in a magnet high school.