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These days, students get tested a lot. School readiness tests...placement tests...standardized things, such as:
  • How much students are learning
  • How schools are performing
  • How groups of students (in districts, states, etc.) compare to each other.

Ideally, students who work hard should do well on tests. But that doesn't always happen. Some students study and pay attention in class, yet still get disappointing scores. Improving their test-taking skills can help.

Higher scores aren't the only reward of being a good test taker. Kids are also motivated by these benefits:
  • Studying effectively can mean studying less
  • Tests aren't as scary when you're fully prepared
  • Good scores can get you into interesting challenging classes
  • Test-taking skills help in many areas, such as sports tryouts, driving tests and employment tests.

Many students are relieved to find out that kids who "ace" tests aren't necessarily smarter. They just know how to take tests successfully. That's a skill that can be learned. Soon, your child can be doing his best on tests!
Source: "Studying for & Taking Tests", Ideas to Help Children Do Better in School, (c) 1999, The Parent Institute