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LAUSD Peer Assistance & Review (PAR) Program workshops are available to extend and enhance your teaching practice. You must pre-register to participation in any of the PAR Program workshops. Registration fees will be paid for by the PAR Program. The workshops will have limited enrollment. Substitute coverage will be paid by King Middle School for King Staff. Please obtain the workshop registration forms and arrange substitute coverage with Assistant Principal Mr. Mark Jolley <[email protected]>. DEADLINES ARE SOON.

CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT (Based on Tools for Teaching by Fred Jones)
    Three (3) Separate Workshops
        March 4, April 11 and May 20, 2006, Saturdays

This workshop is offered by the LAUSD Peer Assistance and Review Program and will overview the powerful Fred Jones technique that shows you how to use body language to control students. 75% of communication is by body language and tone of voice, but most teachers are never given a chance to learn these techniques. You will see the methods demonstrated and have a chance to practice them yourself.

You may also download copies ot the registration forms below.