“This Non Profit Corporation is organized for the purpose of supporting the education and well being of children at Thomas Starr King Middle School.  The corporation will foster relationships among the school, parents, and teachers. The corporation will conduct its activities in an environmentally sustainable manner and in a manner that encourages sustainable practices throughout the campus”  

Parent and community participation is vital to a great experience at this school.  Fundraising will provide for activities and resources not available from LAUSD. We can have many more programs like Farm King that will enrich your child’s experience at King.  We can have those additional field trips that are so enriching. 

Volunteering at King, signals to the faculty that we are here to support them. We surely can’t ask them to go the extra mile if we are not there to help. Go to to sign up.

What has happened?

Over 40 parents and teachers were at our first FOK meeting. Our first fundraiser, a Bake & Book sale on March 25th during the Parent & teacher conference evening was a huge success.

What is happening?

Our next fundraiser in association with the P.E. department is the Jog-a-thon on May 21st (12:45 p.m.), in the P.E field.  Each student has been given a pledge envelope.  Please support this fundraiser. Proceeds will go to purchasing equipment for the P.E. department. We need parent volunteers to help on the day. Call Kiki at (323) 691-9782.

Friends of King will have a booth at the upcoming Silver Lake Jubilee fair on Saturday May 22nd and Sunday May 23rd.  We need volunteers. Contact Tomas at (323) 644-1629.  

Parents of King Middle School ought to think not only about the education that their children receive but how they can leave King a little better than they found it.

Tomas O'Grady