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Mr. Boktor's Orchestra class put together original compositions inspired by the holidays!

The process behind this project: 
  1. Students were given a framework on how to write this composition. Each student proceeded by writing it in actual music notation in an online app called Flat. They spent several weeks going over these compositions and improving them.
  2. The students then downloaded their final mp3 file of their compositions and exported it into an app called SoundTrap where they added beats and drum loops.
  3. The students were then placed in groups where they stitched these compositions in one major piece, adding another layer of drum loops.
  4. The final step of the project was to make the movie. Students worked in collaborative groups in an online app called WeVideo, where they were able to see each other’s editing live in real time.
Students took great initiative, dedication, and pride in completing this project and seeing it to fruition. We hope you enjoy!