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Schoology Resources

Why do I need Schoology?
Schoology is our District-adopted Learning Management System (LMS). Through Schoology, classroom assignments and resources are posted. It also serves as a discussion tool for students to engage in academic content, as well as a communication tool for schooland/or classroom updates/announcements. Moreover, Schoology provides parents/guardians with access to view their child’s grades and thus, current academic
performance in each class. 

Each student and each parent/guardian listed under the student has their own unique login. We strongly encourage each individual to use their own login, as some teachers may create specific classroom “Groups,” where information may be shared with just students, just parents, or both.

● Student Access - Please have your child log on to Schoology at to verify that their email and password are still active. If the password is expired, it can be reset as long as they have their PIN. 

● Parent Access - Parents will need an active email account, a PIN, and their child's District ID to activate their