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You don't want your child to be bullied or to be a bully. 
These tips can help:
  • Build your child's self respect.  Teach him that he is strong and worthwhile.  His rights and opinions count.
  • Identify supportive people. Tell your child where to get help, such as from parents, teachers and other trusted adults.
  • Role play tough situations. Practice using different ways to deal with bullies-discussion, jokes, ignoring and leaving.
  • Encourage friendships. Give your child opportunities to socialize with like-minded kids. Joining a club or team may help.
  • Stay involved. Know what's happening at school and with friends
To Prevent Bullying Behavior:
  • Set an example.  Be caring and non-aggressive. When angry, act calm.
  • Pay attention.  Notice how our child behaves. Address problems immediately.
  • Provide outlets.  Channel high energy into sports and other activities.
  • Monitor influences.  Don't let your child see violence on TV or elsewhere
  • Discipline well.  Enforce sensible limits without fail.
  • Encourage values.  Say, "Treat others as you want to be treated."
  • Seek advice.  If you're worried that your child might bully, talk with a professional Source: "Bullying Behaviors Among children and Adolescents," American Medical Association Council on Scientific Affairs