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Children are the clear winners when parents and teachers work as a team. When parents and teachers work together to support mutual learning goals, children do better in school. Teamwork involves open and ongoing communication between the home and the school. Talk with your child's teacher. You can provide valuable insights into your child's abilities, concerns, interests and needs.

Make schoolwork a priority at home. Make sure your child has a place where he can study and do homework. It doesn't need to be an entire room-the desk in the den or a corner of the kitchen table is fine. Just make sure it's comfortable, well lit and quiet when he is working. Then have him choose a regular time to do his work and see that he sticks to it.

More Ways to Strengthen the Home/School Team
  1. Know and support school and classroom rules. Review them with your child to be sure he understands what is expected of him.
  2. If your child is disciplined at school, get all the facts before you blame-or defend-your child. Talk with the teacher about what happened and decide together on a future course of action.
  3. Get involved. Join the PTA or volunteer for a school committee. Ask your child's teacher what you can do to help out in the classroom-or what you can do to help from home Source: The Parent Institute, Reprinted with permission from "The Parent Institute", a division of NIS, Inc.