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Several people made this day possible, so we would like to recognize and thank them for all their hard work: Mr. & Mrs. Horitsu, Mr. & Mrs. Pearson, Mr. Yuge, Ms. Chomori, Ms. Masaki, Mr. Greenberger, Mrs. Rodriguez, the custodial staff, Clean & Green team, the faculty (Ms. Harada, Ms. Ourfalian, Ms. Martin, Mr. Urkofsky, Mr. Palayan, Ms. Murphy, Mr. Cabezas, Ms. Negash, Ms. Yang, Mr. Gabriel, Ms. Baranich, Ms. Lay, Ms. Milio, Ms. Cole, Mr. Fleischman, Ms. Popa, Mr. De Pace, Ms. Suico, Ms. DiPasquo, and many others), King students and parents, and the Leadership class.

We would also like to thank the businesses, families, and individuals for their donations and contributions. Without their help, this project wouldn't have been a reality. >Mr. O