The Renaissance

Every Tuesday, science class students of teachers, Ms. Ralph, Ms. Gamez and Ms Pacheco work on our farm. Parent and community volunteers help the teachers prepare hands-on lessons which include composting, planet stewardship and work ethic. We are about to plant our fall season vegetables. We even have a chef coming in December who will show the kids how to cook the veggies in a healthy way.         

With our school back on a single-track calendar, King is clearly in a renaissance.

In the July edition of the Los Feliz Ledger, the publisher, Allison Cohen, wrote that her son Griffin received an exemplary education at our school.

I met with Dr. Murphy, our principal last week. She expressed both enthusiasm and excitement about the direction that our school is taking. She and all of the staff are doing their part. They have made clear that they want our participation and our ideas.  

We as parents now ought to step up and do our part. Together, we can build a community as close knit as any small elementary school. Why not ask a teacher if they need some help? Go to to sign up to be a volunteer. Farm King needs volunteers, every Tuesday morning to help our young farmers tend to the farm. Friends of King is laying out plans to raise money for more new programs like Farm King, that we hope will enrich your child’s experience at King. 

Parents of King Middle School ought to think not only about the education that their children receive but how they can leave King a little better than they found it.

Parent volunteer, Kiki Crawford, pictured with her daughter Abby, a student at King. Kiki works with the science classes in the garden every Tuesday. Kiki says “Instead of complaining about the lack of hands on learning, I decided to just show up and see if I can help the teachers make it happen” It’s really very rewarding.

Tomas O Grady,  Director
Friends of King