Do you want your child to succeed in middle school? Then stay involved! Your involvement is the biggest factor in whether your child will do well academically.

Try these ideas to keep in touch with his/her schoolwork and reinforce what he is learning:
-- Make your home learning rich. Keep materials on hand to stimulate your child's mind. From simple art supplies to library books, offer creative outlets for his curiosity.
-- Encourage reading. Studies show that kids in school get up to 75% of their information from text. So keep your child reading. Whether it's poetry, historic novels or science fiction, expose him to all types of literature.
-- Remind him/her to listen. Talk to your child about paying attention. Suggest that he take notes. Encourage him/her to participate. It'll keep him focused on what's being taught.
-- Start homework routines. Have a set time for homework. Offer our child a quiet place to work. Good study habits will help him through middle school-and beyond.
-- Talk about school together. A lot can happen in an eight-hour day. Ask your child what goes on and really listen. Show him/her that you care about what he/she does at school. Ask him/her to explain a new concept in math or to give you his/her opinion on a topic being covered in history. Make yourself available to chat often.
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