Four months have passed since the beginning of this year, July and August with Tracks B and C, and September and October with Tracks A and C. We are trying very hard to create a warm, nurturing, and personalized school environment in which our students can live and learn.
We have created six vertical teams (6th, 7th, 8th grade), two per track. Some of the teams have had family social barbecues as part of their “Parent Outreach”. They are also creating project-based activities and events pertaining to the grade level standards-based curriculum. Our hopes are for our students to excel academically and mature socially.
King Middle School is also working to beautify the Campus as a whole. On Saturday, October 29, we had another Campus Beautification Day where all facets of our King family participated (students, parents, teachers, coordinators, custodial, and administrators). We cleaned, painted, weeded, planted, and ate lunch together. We are planning a second Campus Beautification Day on March 4, 2006. Please join us!
As you may know, all students in high school need to pass the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) prior to obtaining their high school diploma. With mastery of the seventh grade curriculum, your child should be able to pass the mathematics and language arts sections of the CAHSEE when they take the test in the 10th grade in high school. Please encourage your children to study hard, obtain assistance from Tutoring, Saturday School, and the off-track Intersession programs. Do not let the opportunities slip by. See Ms. Malone or Ms. Espinoza in the Extended Learning Academy Office, (323) 664-1176 Extension 119.
King Middle School has also implemented many incentive programs: Certificate of Merit and Front of the Line passes at every 4 week report card for students with “A’s”, “B’s” and or “C’s”. We have also had weekly drawings for students earning “Caught Being Good” tickets in the classroom as well as on the yard. Homerooms with Perfect Attendance and no tardies are working towards a special homeroom treat. We are assisting our students to value respect, responsibility and safety on campus at all times. I have been seeing more parent volunteers on campus this year. We welcome your support and time. When students see their parents volunteering on campus it is a meaningful and powerful experience for them. If you have the time, please stop by the Title I Office for an application. Thank you for your attention.