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My name is Michael Mayson and I am delighted to welcome your family and your child into 6th grade at the Arts & Technology Magnet of Thomas Starr King Middle School. While Ms. Lay is enjoying maternity leave, I’ll be guiding your child through the first semester of science and social studies.


Social Studies:

This grade six course investigates the origins and development of ancient societies of major western and non-western civilizations. Included are the societies of the Near East, Africa, the ancient Hebrew civilization, Greece, Rome, and the classical civilizations of India and China. For each of these societies, emphasis is placed on the major contributions, achievements, and beliefs that have influenced civilizations across the centuries to the present day. This course stresses the special significance of geography in the development of the human story and provides the opportunity to study the everyday lives of people living in vastly different areas of the world.


Our specific focus will be on the Egyptian Pyramids, Hammurabi’s Code, and the Assyrian Siege of Jerusalem. (6.2.3, 6.2.4, 6.3.5)



Did you know that the world used to be one big piece of land with just one body of water? How do you think the Earth’s surface turned into seven continents and five oceans? In sixth grade Science, we will investigate the Earth’s surface below to discover how earthquakes, volcanoes, rivers, and mountains shape Earth as we know it today. We will also learn why living things, like you and me, need to take care of the environment and ourselves to help keep the Earth going!



I’ve been a member of the T.S. King family since 2007 and taught in all three Magnets. After studying at the University of Michigan, Columbia University, and New York University, I moved from New York to Los Angeles in 2000. I’m an avid reader, scratch golfer, enthusiastic portrait photographer, and proud father of our 4 year-old, Ellis.


I encourage you to contact me with any questions, and please refer to Miss Lay’s portal for specific policy questions. I am eager to provide a most productive and rigorous experience for you all.


You can reach me here: and see photos here:

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